O nas

Witaj w świecie innowacyjnych rozwiązań, gdzie marzenia o inteligentnym, zautomatyzowanym domu stają się rzeczywistością..


Welcome to the world of innovative solutions, where dreams of an intelligent, automated house become reality.

We are a team of passionate individuals, who have combined multiple years of experience, knowledge and creativity to make your house an even better place to live.

We take care of the technology that tries to understand your needs and expectations to provide comprehensive solutions, that follow your day, and night rhythm step by step.

Meet Abego and invite innovation to your house.


Our mission

What if your home could grant your wishes? Perfectly know all your habits and needs? Ensure security while you are away and efficiently conserve energy?

All of this is possible thanks to Abego’s products, which focus on you and your needs. It’s an innovation that intuitively offers the best solutions, thanks to which your home becomes an even better place to live in. All it takes is a few clicks to discover the unlimited possibilities of KNX technology.

Care for the safety and conserve energy. Everything is according to your rules.  

Our vision

During the creation of devices, we utilize technology that is built from scratch based on worldwide and forward-thinking KNX standard. It means, that you can expand our devices even after many years.

We do understand how important details are. In ABEGO buttons, you can find an IPS screen of superior quality and vibrant colour palette of 16.7 million colours. Additionally, you will experience a processor from the latest generation, which smoothly responds to your every touch. Our design is also timeless, offering you an ease of use and quality that you will appreciate each and every day.

We envision a world, in which your home becomes fully integrated and personalized for every resident. Our devices can be the central element of this ecosystem, providing you comfort, savings, and safety.